D.I.P Lounge in Midtown Manhattan.

I was impressed by the accessories that was featured on  Blacktie Underground fashion show,  heald at the D.I.P Lounge in Midtown , Manhattan. The cute leather bow ties on a chain, which turned out to be a necklace, the pocket books with the zipper details etc. The designer’s attention to detail was on point but I was hoping that the models wore solid color clothing, we had no clue that the accessories were the only product he was showing. The clothes that the models wore with the accessories drew more attention. At his next event I would like to see more of his product.


BADDAZZ CLOTHING ripped the runway at Brookyln Fashion Week..

I was absolutely blown away last night  when I saw BADDAZZ clothing by Deron Shields  grace the stage of Brooklyn  fashion week.
The theme was inspired by The Joker, black and white checker trims and leather detail just coming at you. I am absolutely proud of Deron’s accomplishment in such a short time, surely, this can  happen for anyone who believe. Never stop doing what you believe and you will accomplish but you have to be good at what you do. In this case Deron is good at what he does with his clothing line. His line was cohesive, fun, young and current. I remember him, a seamster, got fired by an incompetent emerging designer on 24 Hour Catwalk, on  Lifetime’s fringing international televisions  show, his response to been fired was, “I am not a sewer, I am a fashion designer,”  there you have it, you were served bitch!!!
BADDAZZ clothing at your service. Be good, be bad, be different, be BADDAZZ!!

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