FASHION ALARM MODE is here to increase the exposure of emerging designers, to assist in growing their business and build their brands nationwide. We are the elite, no nonsense designers that you would like to see, at present there are six designers on board, these designers are capable of making their own patterns and samples. Fashion Alarm Mode is a New York – based, e-commerce website that allow designers to showcase, upload and sell their clothing and accessories independently. We are  planning to go one step furthur. We would like to get a workspace where we can create our designs and get prepared for our first annual fashion show in Feburary 2014 but we are not able to do this without your help. As you can see, we have all the equipments that we need to furnish our new workspace. If you would like to witness what these elite designers have to offer you can assist by making a one time contribution. go to http://www.fashionalarmmode.com click on the press tab then scroll to the paypal button below, thank you in advance for your kind and generous contribution..

Heavy duty  straight stitch and ziz zag machines. Pearl stitch machine. Commerchal iron and  ironing board. commercial serger1003975_572885629417229_691365912_nJohn 1 by Dexter John Design.





Swing by your local drugstore and grab this month’s copy of Essence – women from all walks of life to include, tennis great Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) and Plus-Size Super Model, Tricia Campbell (@triciaplusmodel) are showing women everywhere how to respect, love and rock their bodies! (CC: EssenceMag) — with Tricia Campbell.

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SCOOP TOTE. $115.00—location: 473-475,  BROADWAY—-TEL: 212-927-3539 DANNIJO EARINGS–PRICE: $295 at http://www.dannijo.com EUGENIA KIM CAP-PRICE $235-BARNEYS, NEW YORK-66 MADISON AVE.-212-826-8900 TOMMY HILFIGER SWIMSUIT–PRICE $148-680 FIFTH AVE–TEL:212-223-1824 BODEN RAINCOAT–PRICE $178– http://www.bodenusa.com BANANA REPUBLIC DRESS–PRICE $130- BANANA REPUBLIC STORES. GAP SWEATER–PRICE $58.95–GAP 60 W.34TH ST.–212-760-1268 PLENTY BY TRACY REESE–DRESS PRICE $128–TRACY REESE, 641 HUDSON ST.212-807-0505 TOMMY HILFIGER ESPADRILLES–$378—-680 FIFTH … Continue reading

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Well, this morning I was on my way to work in midtown Manhattan. I took the number two train at the 125th Street subway stop. An african guy sat next to me, he began to dose off. As the train was about to approach 96 Street he woke up with a confused look on his face, held his head and said, ” Oh men!,” I was concerned so I asked him what happen? He said I miss my subway stop. What was your stop? I asked, he said 72nd Street. Now, even though he mention 72nd Street, in my mind, I thought he missed his 116 Street stop which would be between 125th Street and 96 Street so I told him that when the train gets to 96 Street, he should go upstairs and go across to the uptown side and take the train going back uptown two stops. He got off the train, point across to confirm the direction and I said, yes, go back one stop. About one second after, the train conductor announced that the next stop is 72nd Street. I looked back to see if the guy was still around but he was gone.
One advice to you all, always ask three or four people for directions, not one, especially when you are in New York City. if you do, you may end up where you don’t want to be. People are not always reliable in the big cities.